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This is a selection of articles concerning some aspects of the management of a framing shop.


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How much does it cost to start?
How much does it cost to start a framing business? What equipment do you need for this job? In the following article we'll try and help those who intend to start a personal business with some practical advice.


Forgotten frames
Defensive strategies to avoid the annoying problem of customers forgetting to pick up their pictures.
How to get rid of the "stock" and how to stop it happening again?


Work Order Forms
Framers should not ignore the importance of these forms.


The extensibles mount samples
A practical way to show customers how a picture will look once framed.


Are you able to frame 500 pictures?
Large orders are very tempting. Framers should however be careful before taking on this type of order.


Moulding samples
You should not underestimate the importance of moulding samples in your frame shop. It is on this basis that a client forms his first impression of you.


Moulding samples: now it is easier
The new system of displaying the moulding samples, realized by Rinaldin, brilliantly solves all the old problems.


Chop Service
In the United States Chop Service has established deep roots. However, in Europe it has yet to take off. Why?