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Various articles that illustrate the types of wood of the mouldings, and the various issues concerning the mouldings.

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The tree and the frame
What is a tree? Everybody knows it. But a little more in-depth knowledge would be useful.

The wood of the frames
The article explains the fatures of the most used types of timber for the production of mouldings: Ayous, Pine, Fir, Ramin, Kotò, Jelutong.


What is the "finger joint" and the "lamellar wood"
In the field of picture frames, the "finger joint" and the "lamellar wood" have become increasingly popular. Let's see why ...


Veneered mouldings
They are mouldings coated and embellished with a thin layer of fine wood (such as briar).


The briar
We know what briar mouldings are but we know little or nothing about "briar" and how it is produced.


The glass spacers  
Glass spacers are an almost hidden part of the frame, but are often indispensable.


Chop Service
In the United States Chop Service has established deep roots. However, in Europe it has yet to take off. Why?


Moulding samples
You should not underestimate the importance of moulding samples in your frame shop. It is on this basis that a customer gets his first impression of you.


Moulding samples: now it is easier
The new system of displaying the moulding samples, realized by Rinaldin, brilliantly solves all the old problems.


The second choice of mouldings
Little is heard about second-choice of mouldings. But the second choice for producers is a major problem and for framers it could be an interesting solution.


The forest certification
Consumers give more and more importance to the certification of sustainable forest management.
The article explains the aspects of the problem and in particular what is the certification.


The woodworm
One of the most annoying problems for the framer is the woodworm, which is sometimes found in the mouldings and frames.
The article explains what the woodworm is and advises what to do when we find it.


Anti-worm treatments
There are various methods to fight against woodworm. This article analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of the different systems, from the most traditional to the most innovative.