Корзина пуста
The corner samples
Samples can be ordered without ordering the mouldings. So you can display them and evaluate your customers' satisfaction before ordering the mouldings.
The corner samples have a side of 15 cm. The price is € 0,50.
The code of the corner sample is the same as the moulding preceded by the letter C (for example the 740NOCE corner sample is C740NOCE).

If you are interested in all the samples of a moulding model, you do not need to individually order all the samples. Just order the complete set. For example, to order all the samples of the 740 model just order the C740Z set which includes the 5 samples of the 740 model.
The price of the set is the sum of the single samples.

Series of samples
We remind you that, instead of ordering the single samples, it is much more convenient to order the complete series:

Corner samples
• Raw wood mouldings (about 100 samples) - code C24 - price € 25
• Mouldings for liners (about 50 samples) - code C23 - price € 10 
• "L" shaped mouldings (about 35 samples) - code C32 - price € 10
• Aluminum mouldings (about 15 samples) - code C21 - price € 5
• All other mouldings not included in the above categories (about 1000 samples) - code C600 - price € 220
• Complete series of all the corner samples (about 1300 samples) - code C99 - price € 280 

Discontinued mouldings
Occasionally some low-demand or out-of-fashion mouldings are deleted.
To find out which mouldings have been deleted, click here. This is information you need to eliminate any samples you have displayed in the store.

Display of the corner samples
For the display of corner samples, the panels designed by Rinaldin are very useful.
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You can also directly view the video:
Display system for moulding corner samples

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