Корзина пуста

Rinaldin organizes three-day beginner classes (Monday to Wednesday).


Courses program for 2024: 


May 15 - 17  2023

June 12 - 14  2023

July 10 - 12  2023

September 11 - 13  2023

October 16 - 18  2023

November 13 - 15  2023


Lessons are held from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm and from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm.
The number of students per course is limited to 2 in order to better follow the individual preparation.
It is therefore advisable to book well in advance.

The price of the course is €320 + VAT.
Payment must be made at least two weeks before the beginning of the course.
Any cancellation of the registration by the student must be communicated at least 8 days before the start of the courses for entitlement to the full refund of membership. Otherwise, Rinaldin reserves the right to withhold 50% of the amount.

Rinaldin can help students to look for nearby hotels.

The course covers all the basics required by a framer.
It is meant specifically for beginners and not for expert framers.

 Corsisti in azione a Verona  Corsisti in azione a Verona  Corsisti in azione a Verona  Corsisti in azione a Verona  Corsisti in azione a Verona

Program of the Course

Monday morning
Mouldings cutting
Cutting with the guillotine
    Dangerousness of the blades. Safety-guard
    The rebates. Nut and lock nut
    Double cutting for a better result
    How to cut large mouldings
    Measuring and the stop
    Adding millimiters to the measure
    Controlling the measure after cutting
    Adjusting the height of the blades and the pedal
    How to cut twisted mouldings
    How to repeat a cut piece of mouldings
    Cutting optimization to avoid discards
    Defects of the moulding
    Organization of the cutting work
    Teeth on the blades: how to avoid them
    How to make different cuts from 45°
    How to change blades
    Reversible blades
    Extension supports of the guillotines and their use
    Frames with hollow shape
    Causes of incorrect measures
    Slide for collecting chips and cuts offs
    The pneumatic and electric guillotine
Cutting with the mitre saw
    Switching on, cutting out, suction
    Rotation of the blade. Different degrees. Cutting direction
    Changing the cutting degree
Cutting with the double mitre saw
    Switching on, cutting out, suction
    Measurement, practical cutting exercises
Comments on mouldings cutting
    Which is the best: the mitre saw or the guillottine?
    The most common woods used in the framing business
    Cutting problems of the different kinds of wood

Monday afternoon
Frame joining and touching up
Joining systems (with bands, clamps, nails, underpinners)
    Joining with elastic bands
    Joining with clamps
    Joining with drivers
Joining with the underpinner
    How to fire more than one wedge horizontally
    How to superimpose more than one wedge
    Glue or not glue?
    Hexagonal and octagonal frames
    Moulding discards of different height
    Different kinds of woods and air pressure
    Different kinds of wedges (traction effect, double sharpened)
    Exercises of joining with different underpinners and different kinds of mouldings
Touching up the frame after joining
    Products for touching up
    Gilded frames touching up
    Walnut frames touching up
    Coloured and glossy frames touching up
    Organizing the touching up
    Pre-touching up

Tuesday morning
Working with glass
    Manual cutting of glass
    How to break glass
    Kinds of glass cutters
    The squares
    The rule
    The table
    The pliers
    Cutting with the vertical cutter (such as Excalibur)
    Straight cutting
    Cutting of rounds and ovals, both manual and with the cutter
    Smoothing glass
    Cleaning glass
Other topics on glass
    Kinds of glass (normal, non-glare, museum, mirrors)
    Origin and costs of glass
    Defects of glass
    How to storage glass
    When to use glass and when not to use it
    Plastic glass (crilex, etc.)
Paperboard or cardboard
    External cutting
    Measuring and tracing the lines of the opening
    The mountboard square
    Cutting with a knife
    Internal fillet
    Applying the print to the mountboard
    Acidfree adhesive tapes
    Kinds of mountboards
    Different cores
    Standard sizes
Mountboard cutting
    Cutting with semi-professional cutters
    Cutting with professional cutters
    The internal fillet
    Decorative "V"-groove
    Elaborate cutting
    Multiple openings
Oval and round mountboard
    Oval cutting of mountboards
    Oval manual cutters
Mount decoration
    Mount decoration tapes
    Mount decorative transfer rub-downs
    Mount personal decoration

Tuesday afternoon
Kinds of hangers, features and use
    Triangle hangers
    Short-tail triangle hangers
    Wreath-top hangers
    One-hole hangers
    Trapezoidal hangers
    Trapezoidal long hangers
    Fancy loop hangers
    Decorative hangers
    Loop-shaped hangers
    Kwick hangers
    Sawtooth hangers
    Clip-over hangers
    Hanging with picture wire and cord
    Hidden hangers
Applying hangers
    Measuring the centre of the frame
    Manual and mechanical applying of the hanger
    When to use two hangers
    Security hanging systems 

Applying the picture to the frame without a mountboard
    Cleaning glass
    Dust suction from the frame
    Kinds of backboard: grey cardboard, corrugated cardboard, masonite, foamboard, etc.
    Cutting backboard
    Applying the picture and the backboard to the frame
    Applying nails or points
    Different ways of applying hangers
    Brads to apply to the frame with a hammer
    Different kinds of staplers
    Pneumatique guns (brads, pins, wedges)
    Flexipoint drivers. Different kinds and features
Applying a painting to the mountboard and the frame
    Applying a stretched painting to the mountboard
    Applying a canvas board to the mountboard
    Applying the mountboard to the frame
Applying the double glass
    Measuring and cutting spacers (small plastic mouldings blocking glass)
    Cleaning and applying two glasses
    How to fix spacers
Protective paper
    Different ways to protect the back of frame
    Applying the protective paper


Wednesday morning and afternoon
Practical framing exercises
The whole day is devoted to practical framing exercises with guidance and advice from the instructor.
The students will be allowed to keep the frames they produce.
At the end of the course an attendance certificate will be awarded.




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