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This window includes explanations about the way of inserting the order. 

If you can't find the explanation that interest you don't hesitate to contact us to have further information (telephone 0039.045.991622). Your contact is Silvia Rinaldin.


The search result

Along with the item that you searched for, you see also other articles of the same kind to make it easier to choose and avoid having to look through many pages.

If the description line of an item has a yellow background it means that you had expressively searched for it and therefore it is highlighted.


Information about INFO and VIDEO

To the right of the item description you will see the blu word “INFO” and sometimes the word “VIDEO”.

If you click “INFO” a technical information sheet will open for that item.

If you se the word “VIDEO” it means that for tat item there is an informative video. If you want to see the video just click “VIDEO”. If you don't have time to see the whole video you can close it with by clicking the closing button.


Quantity discounts

There can be up to 4 quantity discounts for every item.

Try for example to order the hanger A1. You'll see that the price is € 10,50.

In the first column of discounts you see 3 on the left and 8% on the right. It means that if you buy at least 3 pieces you have 8% discount.

In the second column you see 10 on the left and 12% on the right. It means that if you buy at least 10 pieces you have 12% discount. And so on.

If you order a slightly lower quantity that the quantity which grants a discount a message will appear. For example, if you order 9 pieces a message appears reminding you that it would be more convenient to order 10 pieces to gain 12% discount.


Minimum quantity

The minimum buying quantity is shown in the "Min. Q.ty" column.

If the quantity you enter is lower than the minimum quantity a warning message will appear when you insert the quantity in the trolley.


Inserting into the trolley

To insert the quantity in the trolley you have to click the image of the trolley that is on the edge of the line.

If you click the image of the trolley without any quantity, the minimum quantity will be inserted. 


Deleting or modifying the quantity

You can freely change or cancel the quantity already inserted in the cart.

Cancellation can also be done later when you open the cart. Just click the word “Cancel”.

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