Corner sample of moulding 601ARGVEC
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  • Corner sample of moulding 601ARGVEC

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Corner sample of moulding 601ARGVEC
The series of all corner samples with the exception of the special series (L-shaped mouldings, passepartout mouldings, raw mouldings, aluminum mouldings) includes about 1200 corner samples.

All corner samples have a side of 15 cm.
Each corner sample has a label on the back with the auction code and the bar code.
Corner sample code always starts with a "C" followed by the moulding code.
Example: The sample from moulding 271NERO is C271NERO

You can order the corner samples even without ordering the moulding. In this way, you can immediately display the samples in the shop and evaluate customer satisfaction. The moulding order can only be placed at a later time, when you have the certainty that the moulding is requested by your customers.

Samples can be ordered individually. The price of the corner samples is 50 cents.
However, it is cheaper to order full sample sets as the overall cost is significantly lower. Furthermore, the time taken to individually place many samples in the order is much greater than that taken for the cumulative order of a series.

The corner sample series are:
Raw mouldings sample (about 100) - Price € 25
Samples of mouldings for passepartout (about 50) - Price € 10
Samples of L-shaped mouldings (about 35) - Price € 10
Samples of aluminum mouldings (about 15) - Price € 5
Samples of all other mouldings (about 1200) - Price € 220
Complete sample of all mouldings (about 1400) - Price € 280

To exhibit the corner samples in your shop, Rinaldin has created the display system consisting of special panels and special hangers. The "Angled Specimen Exposure System" video is available on this site.

Corner sample of moulding 601ARGVEC